3 Key Ingredients to Winning in Real Estate with Olivia Laurenn

Winning in real estate is a balancing act. Buyers like to feel like they are getting a good bargain…that they purchased their desired home at the lowest price imaginable. However, sellers also desire a good bargain. They want to believe they have received the best price for their house. You don’t want one party to feel as though they “lost” after the transaction settles.

In a perfect world, you would want to meet the needs of both the buyer and the seller. You shouldn’t pressure somebody into doing anything. Because if one party leaves unsatisfied, they are unlikely to speak well of you reflecting poorly on your client experience…

Winning in real estate is a balancing act. Buyers like to feel like they are getting a good bargain…that they purchased their desired home at the lowest price imaginable. However, sellers also desire a good bargain. They want to believe they have received the best price for their house. You don’t want one party to feel as though they “lost” after the transaction settles.

In a perfect world, you would want to meet the needs of both the buyer and the seller. You shouldn’t pressure somebody into doing anything. Because if one party leaves unsatisfied, they are unlikely to speak well of you reflecting poorly on your client experience.

757 Homes’ team leader, Olivia Laurenn, is proud and delighted to serve the Hampton Roads real estate community since 2007. She is originally from Alabama.

In 2020, Olivia received the title of “best listing/sales agent” nationally. Commitment means exceeding the real estate aspirations of her customers, guiding them through the complex moving pieces, and achieving their financial goals without compromising their peace of mind.

Olivia joins The Entrepreneurial Agent to discuss her approach to real estate, what defines a great realtor, and three key ingredients to finding success as a real estate agent.

0:00 Introducing Olivia Laureen

2:20 How Olivia got into real estate

4:39 Olivia’s approach to real estate: meet the right products with the client’s life goals

7:38 What defines a great realtor?

10:34 Olivia’s approach to advising clients given the state of the market today

16:00 Working with first time home buyers

17:19 Talking about Shine Girl mission

20:04 An interesting transaction story from Olivia

21:51 Olivia’s hobbies and favorite podcasts

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Full Transcript

Paul Neal: [00:00:00] Hi. Well, welcome entrepreneurial agent listeners. Today I have the special privilege and honor of chatting with Olivia Lore. A little bit about Olivia here. She’s originally from the South, right in the heart of Alabama. She’s been blessed to be a realtor in leader of 7 57 homes right here in the Virginia Beach, Hampton Roads area.

Honored and privilege to serve Hampton Roads real estate community since 2007. In 2020, she was awarded the Top Listing and Sales Agent Nation. And recognizes the top 4% of realtors by the Hampton Roads Realtors Association, Circle of Excellence 2021 Ton of Awards. Here’s the thing though, she’s committed to meeting and exceeding the community’s real estate goals, helping them make informed decisions, navigating them through the intricate moving parts, while accomplishing their financial goals without sacrificing peace of mind.

So Olivia, welcome to the show today. 

Olivia Laurenn: Thank you, Paul. Thanks for having me. I appreciate the opportu. 

Paul Neal: Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. So just to kind of dive [00:01:00] right in, so tell me. What, tell us all, what does it take to achieve, How do you, how does one achieve the top nationwide listing Sales Agent 

Olivia Laurenn: award? I think just passion for what I do.

Really enjoying helping others to be able to meet their financial goals in real estate and staying on top of the current affairs to be able to educate my clients. Just being passionate and doing what it takes, no matter how many hours it takes. Yet keeping that balance for both my clients and for.

Paul Neal: Yeah. Wow. That’s that’s well said. And, and I would say you, you, you clearly are passionate because, you know, there’s only one number one, and I think you’re being a little humble and understated, but we’ll take into that a little bit as we go along. So you, you started in, in real estate here in Hampton Roads, at least in 2007.

Was that when you first got into real. , 

Olivia Laurenn: it was actually, I’ve been in broadcasting, funny enough. I worked in television for a couple of years as a part-time news [00:02:00] anchor, and then worked for Clear Channel Radio and then in Hampton Roads for another radio station as a part-time news anchor. So I’ve, I’ve kind of always had the bug for being in front of people and helping people and making them smile.

And when I came to Virginia in 2006 I came for a radio gig and then someone said, Olivia, you should get in real estate. You love talking to people you’re ever vesc. And I thought, Oh, okay. So that was my first connection in real estate and I started out actually, Behind the scenes, I wanted to get my feet wet to see if this was something that I was actually gonna be able to not only succeed in as an entrepreneur, but also give quality service as well as, as be aware of the market and be able to educate my clients.

Because that’s part of being in, in any sales. It’s not just selling the product, it’s knowing the product and, and being able to, you know, Execute that. So when I had the opportunity I took it as a [00:03:00] marketing director working behind the scenes. I worked with buyers and sellers and got them won them over to the company that we were working with and found out what their needs were and how we could best tailor meet those needs.

And after a couple of years of doing that, a lot of the clients would call me back and say, Olivia, we want you to be our. You know, you’re returning our calls, you’re doing this, you’re doing that. And for me, that kind of tugged on my heartstrings because being from the south, it’s all about doing for others as you would have done for yourself.

So I was like, I need to get my license and take care of Hampton Roads. So that’s what initiated me doing that. In 2010, I was licensed. I was working salesperson of the year, my very first year. I don’t know how I did it. I think I just never stopped talking about real estate and wanting to help people , and again, that’s key.

You know, one thing that my daddy always taught me is that it’s not so much what you know, People don’t care so much about what you know until they know that [00:04:00] you care and you’ve gotta have that, that, that balance of both in order to succeed mm-hmm. and get referral business. 

Paul Neal: Well that, yeah, that’s, that’s fascinating.

I’m gonna dig into that here in a minute. But I mean, you struck a chord with this whole idea that you know, the compassion piece and you’re dealing with people. And even in the beginning you may didn’t have all the answers, know everything but you, But the fact was you were going to, going to the mat for your people, Right.

And. You know, it’s, it’s a, and, and I try to remind myself this all the time, but when people are in the, in the real estate arena, whether they’re buying a house or they’re selling a house or whatnot, or maybe doing both, it’s a very stressful time. Right. And even the, the, the most intelligent people, You know, the most logical people, sometimes they’re, they’re in the woods and there’s just so much going on and they don’t, They need someone to really be there to kind of help them navigate.


Olivia Laurenn: Absolutely. Yeah. And [00:05:00] that’s, that’s one of the things, it’s, it’s kind of a pet peeve of mine is number one, not leaving people hanging and, you know, answering their questions. And if I don’t have the answer, one thing that I’m known for is I don’t say I think so I say, You know what? That’s a great question.

Let me get the, get you the right answer. Because a lot of colleagues and a lot of people that I’ve talked to, they just say, Yeah, I think so. And they just move on to the next thing and then it comes back to bite them later, and that peace of mind and the stress level goes higher for the client when it’s unnecessary to do that.

So I think for me, I really think about the big picture and I think about the client’s needs and, and a lot of times having those initial conversations with them to just kind of get an. What are your goals? Why are you buying? Why are you selling? Are you moving out of the area? Are you now an empty nester?

Because that gives, that opens up the big picture of what their real goals are and how I can best, again, tailor meet those [00:06:00] needs with the products and the services that I provide. So it’s very important. I. 

Paul Neal: So because, so, so basically you’re looking at the, the real estate transaction, whatever, however you’re involved in it with the client.

It’s just one small segment of their entire life, right? You’re trying to figure out, you know, how does this fit into the grand scheme of things? 

Olivia Laurenn: Absolutely. And how I can best be the positive part of that puzzle. 

Paul Neal: So I have to ask you this is this might be a little stereotypical, but it’s kind of funny.

So you’re from Alabama. Do you offer like sweet tea to your clients? ? 

Olivia Laurenn: I, I do know I get lots of quotes from my daddy,

Paul Neal: No, that’s great. We love the southern hospitality and. And, and as an aside for any, any Alabama football fans, it’s a sad day since they lost a second game. I know. I 

Olivia Laurenn: was sporting, Yeah, I was supporting my Alabama t-shirt earlier today. Just in, in ate. [00:07:00] But they’re a great team. 

Paul Neal: They come back. Oh my gosh.

Yeah. Yeah. They’re to and, and of course they’re so much better than my team. Virginia Tech. I got nothing to say, but anyway. yeah, it was a sad day. , hey, But we started to rebuilding year. So anyway. It is, 

Olivia Laurenn: And what goes down comes up. So you never know. That’s right. 

Paul Neal: I think we’ve hit rock bottom. You never know.

We’ll, we’ll, the jury’s out, but as my wife and I talk all the time, hey, there’s always basketball season. So that just started yesterday. Very good. So, okay, so you came to Hampton. Now you’re, you’re kind of interesting in the fact you came to Hampton Roads for a non-military assignment. Most people come here, right?

Cause they’re the Navy or something affiliated with the, But you as a, as a broadcaster, 

Olivia Laurenn: I did. 

Paul Neal: That’s interesting. And then you, and then you sort of, you, you pivoted into real estate on a friend’s recommendation and obviously they were Right. So what do you think, I mean you’ve talked a lot about compassion, getting to know your clients and, and communi, you [00:08:00] mentioned to me communication a lot before we started.

I mean, is that what makes a great a great realtor? What, what separates you know, a great realtor from just a real estate agent? Cuz I know there are a lot of ’em out there. 

Olivia Laurenn: Well, it, it, it boils down to being transac, transaction realtor or being a relational realtor. And for me the difference is clear.

Again, it’s about having commitment for your community, number one. Being passionate about what field you’re in, no matter what that field is. And, and being informative. There’s a lot of realtors, I’ve, I’ve mentored a lot of different agents and saw them come in the field and go out of the field because they were just transactional.

But one of the things I kept trying to stress with them is build that relationship. But be informative. Know your product. Know the trends, be educate your client. Anybody can be a realtor, but one that is a good realtor is someone who’s gonna go to any length that it takes to meet and exceed their client’s expectations, but also [00:09:00] be able to give them peace of mind and educate them.

Just like you were mentioning earlier, you know, there’s a lot of savvy buyers and sellers out there, but they don’t know real estate. The ends and the outs, they know enough to help them to navigate a little bit, but having a realtor. This is all we do day in and day out every day. Mm-hmm. , we’re gonna be able to give them that value of the knowledge and the experience.

And when I tell my clients, I don’t have all the answers. I may look old, but I don’t have all the answers . But one thing I will make sure is that I give them my experience, I give them my recommendations, and then I let them. What’s best for them and their family, and that that seems to speak speak volume in my business because people appreciate that I put the the will back in their possession, you know, let them make the decision based on their, on their ultimate goals.

Paul Neal: So it’s really a consultative approach, right? So you’re, you’re not making a decision for them, You’re [00:10:00] educating them based on available options, potential pitfalls, potential opportunities. But obviously you’re not the one signing of the papers, right? I mean, you’re not picking up a home and maybe a mortgage.

Right, Right, right. I think most people like that, most people really appreciate being, they, they, no one likes to be sold or told what to do. They like to be educated so they can make an informed decision. Right. 

Olivia Laurenn: Absolutely. You just, again, you just put them back in their driver’s seat and say, This is my recommendations.

What do you wanna do? What’s best gonna meet your needs? And let’s, let’s fine tune it. 

Paul Neal: Right, right. Dial it in. So, in terms of meeting needs today obviously you’ve been around since oh seven. You’ve been in the business, you’ve seen a lot. You saw the great meltdown of oh 7, 0 8. I lived through that too.

That was a fun time to say the least. And then, you know, the covid years, the craziness of, you know, two and a half percent interest rates, 3% and whatnot. And so the markets changed [00:11:00] a lot in the last year. So what, what are you, how are you advising clients today? In terms of just the market, what, to, in terms of expectations or perspective or how, how are you handling that 

Olivia Laurenn: today?

Well, you know, that’s a loaded question, and depending on how many analysts or experts that you dive into to stay on top of everything, you’re gonna get mixed messages. But one thing that’s obviously clear is that the rates have escalated. Rapidly in the past few months, and it has been a, a game changer.

But what I also try to help the consumer understand is that, The past couple of years we’ve been experiencing a record low historical since Eisenhower was in office rates, which was not the norm. So really we’re just kind of getting back to somewhat of a norm, you know, couple of years prior. To Covid, we were looking at five to six and a half percent rates.

And again, I think it’s just a matter of being open and for me, [00:12:00] like I was already on the podcast this morning getting some more details from Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, and other experts in the industry just to kind of get more of an input and. Again, it’s just calming the nerves of the clients, letting them know that yes, the obvious is in front of us, but no one has a crystal ball yet.

There’s half say that, you know, the, the prices are gonna depreciate. The other half say it’s going to appreciate, and that over the next three months, we very likely will see rates go up a little more. But unlike 2008 when they. Over a five year period, we’re only gonna see it for short term and it’s going to be temporary.

But again, I tell all my clients, We don’t have a crystal ball, but it’s kind of been consistent with what we heard back in December and January. We were warned that the rates were gonna start escalating and going up, and they very, and they did. So we just gotta stay [00:13:00] calm and know that everyone’s always gonna be buying and selling.

The, the most important thing is that when you, when a realtor speaks with a cl a consumer, regardless if they’re buying or selling, we want them to be educated so they can look at their financial. Goals and their financial situation to see if maybe they have to wait. There’s been clients that I’ve talked to that say, you know, based on what we’ve gathered over the past couple of weeks and having conversations with you, I recommend you just hold steady.

You know, and not many realtors will say that they’ll push to get the business. But again, for me, it’s about building that relationship for the long term. And again, that’s been part of my success as well. 

Paul Neal: Yeah. No, you’re, you’re right. No one, no one has a crystal ball and, and doing the right thing. I think they call that what the fiduciary responsibility.

Right. The right thing. Your client, We just call it, we just call it the golden rule. Right. You know, do what others you have them doing to you, and if you can live by that, people, people, people [00:14:00] see through the transaction and the hype and the push and all that. And Yeah. I know I do. I don’t like to be sold.

I like to buy, but I don’t like to sell . Right, right. And I think most people are like that. And you know, as far as the, you know, as far as the rates it’s in interesting. We’re definitely in a different time. This is not oh 7, 0 8, 0 9 again, there’s Right. You know, having lived through that personally on the lending side, you know, since 2010 with some of the law changes there.

Everyone that’s in a home today was highly qualified to get in that home to begin with. They had the income, they had some money down payment, all that, and there’s a ton of equity out there and there’s still a shortage of supply, right? Of homes. Yes. So, Rates have come up. I think though, I, I’m gonna rub my crystal ball for you and I think Olivia, that we’re starting to turn the corner.

I think you’re gonna see Thursday the inflation report that comes out is gonna start to show a decline in inflation. And it’s inflation. Oh, good. That drives the long-term interest [00:15:00] rates. Right. So Right when they measure it, the reports are year over year. And you look at the October of last year versus October of this.

The, the numbers have, have, are much more close. And so, but when you compared the previous months, like not this past summer, but the one before, when we were looking at inflation numbers this summer, they’re comparing it to very low numbers. And so the, the rate looked very high. But we knew coming in the fall, those fall numbers of last year were very high.

So you’re gonna see the numbers, the trends start going down, that would be excellent, but even if it didn’t, even if it took into the first or second quarter of next year, If you can afford it, you’ve gotta be able to afford it. Today’s rate, if you’re gonna buy right, you can’t buy on. I say, if come, or you know, I’m gonna buy today and, and then hope the rates drop in two years of refinance and then I can afford the house.

It’s like, no, if you can afford it today, yeah, they might drop in a year or two and then you refinance and you get a, a savings. That is, that is key. I think that’s, I do think that’s where gonna be. 

Olivia Laurenn: [00:16:00] That is key. In fact, I just had a conversation with someone recently that said the same thing. Well, I can just reduce, you know, refinance in a couple years.

I said, Yes, but make sure that you can afford it in case it doesn’t. So make sure that your finances are in place now, that if the rates don’t come down and you have to go three to four years, not saying that that’s gonna happen, but just be smart, be proactive, and look outside the big picture. So I’m glad you brought that up.

That’s very correct. 

Paul Neal: Yeah. No, you’re you’re absolutely right because the end of the day, if you’re a long term player in this business, like you obviously are, and you’ve done so very well, you wanna give good advice. You don’t want people, you don’t want somebody to be house poor. You don’t want somebody to.

You know, you see people all the time, particularly the young ones, right? And, and, and tell me if you work with many first time home buyers, but a lot of them, they don’t have kids yet. You know? And so they, they haven’t seen the cost of, you know, feeding a baby or two or three, and then, If they want to get on the swim team or the softball team, and heaven forbid if they wanna do a [00:17:00] year round sport, right?

I mean expensive, that stuff, then you gotta get a bigger car cuz you gotta totem around and you know, yada yada yada. So it gets, there’s other expenses in life other than just making your house payment, right? 

Olivia Laurenn: That is correct. Yeah, and I think a lot, I work a great deal with first time home buyers. In fact, they’re my favorites because I get to handhold them and I get to help them to develop good habits right out of the gate.

And a lot of them come with mis misperceived notions and. , and yet they have knowledge of what they’re doing, but then they need someone to fill in the blank, so to speak. So I, I enjoy working with first time home buyers so I can educate them, so they can go on to educate others that they know.

So yes having the right answers is, is important. It really is. 

Paul Neal: Yeah. Yeah. You mentioned community here a little bit too, commitment to community, and I know you’re involved with Shine Girl. Can you talk about that a little bit? [00:18:00] 

Olivia Laurenn: Yeah, some girl is actually, you know, something that’s near and dear to my heart.

There’s a lot of girls out in our community of Hampton Roads that either come from dysfunctional families or families where the mother, it’s a one mom or one dad, and they’re working their butts off to, you know, provide for their families. And these girls just need that extra love. They need to know that that they are, number one, they’re valuable.

And I tell each of them they can do, have, be accomplished, overcome, or achieve absolutely anything that they want. If they set their minds to it, you know, I mean, a lot of these girls aren’t told that on a regular basis. So Shine Girl is a mentorship development program. It’s a part of Wave Church, which I’m a part of.

and they go into schools. We have a curriculum that we go into schools for nine weeks and each week we talk about something different with this pre determined set of girls that the school chooses. And again, it’s about how valuable they are. One week it could be, you know, bullying. The next week it could [00:19:00] be, you know, good eating habits or groom.

Of it. So each week it’s something to just help to edify them and grow them. And I actually partnered with them. I’ve been volunteering with them for quite some time and about I guess it’s been like six or maybe a year now, I partnered with Shine Girl and every buyer or seller that closes a home with me, I donate 1% of my personal commissions.

Back into Shine Girl. Again, it’s, it’s just about that passion. Just as I was passionate about dedicating, you know, everything to my clients to give them exceptional service beyond anything they could have ever thought they would get. The same thing with Shine Girl. If you’re going to commit to something, really commit to it.

And for me, giving back to them with my time and the finances because I’ve been very, very blessed to do something I love and be profitable in it. You can’t keep it if you’re not willing to share it. So I, I’m glad that you brought that up cuz I’m [00:20:00] very proud and passionate about Shine Girl. 

Paul Neal: Well, you should be because I mean, you know, you’re, you’re, you’re building the next generation.

And as a father of a daughter who’s now 19, I feel like, you know, we’ve had the opportunity to speak into her life and she’s doing some pretty incredible things now. But there are a lot that haven’t had that opportunity. And it’s a shame because they, I mean, they have the same, same capability as any one of us.

Right, but maybe never given the chance or, I mean, I can’t even imagine coming from a situation like that. Personally. I didn’t growing up. But, but what a, what a great thing to do. And I’m sure you’ve got some stories, some experiences, and mm-hmm. , whatnot. But Tell, tell me this, I, I’m not gonna get too personal on that, but that’s awesome.

What about a real estate story? Do you have a, what’s made like the most interesting. Transaction you’ve done, or maybe a funny thing that happened, you, you know, this is 

Olivia Laurenn: probably what, this is [00:21:00] probably not what you’re looking for, but this is just, this is the first thing that, that, that came to mind for me there on more than one occasion.

I think the very first time I, you know how sometimes you can be so passionate about something and you, you put in the footwork, you put in the time you do this, and you’re like, Gosh, I don’t see any rewards from this. Am I really making a. I can remember the first time that I was doing a final walkthrough with the first time home buyer had three kids and we were in the living room and one of them walk ran into the room and grabbed my hand and said, Miss Olivia, Miss Olivia, come look at my new room.

Thank you for my new room. Oh my gosh, priceless just melted my heart, you know? And so there’s been stories like that, which is my most fondest story. 

Paul Neal: And that was your first, like your first walkthrough? 

Olivia Laurenn: No, it was, it was the first time that I had felt like I was making a difference in the, I think I’d been 

Paul Neal: in the best.

Ok. I was gonna say, 

Olivia Laurenn: yeah. No, . [00:22:00] That would’ve 

Paul Neal: been nice too. Wow. It’s like what a way to start. 

Olivia Laurenn: Yeah. Right, right. No, that it was probably in my first year because I had given so much. 

Paul Neal: and it can be thankless, right? I mean, every business can be at times. I mean, there’s a lot of things to deal with and no matter how, how you want things to go, sometimes issues come up and whatnot, and most people are super appreciative.

But to hear from the kids is just, yeah, has to be, has to be all kids. Kids will tell you the truth, whether it’s good or bad, right? There’s no filter. 

Olivia Laurenn: That is very true and you just gotta take it with a grain of salt. . 

Paul Neal: Gotta love it. Gotta love it. So are you reading any interesting books right now? 

Olivia Laurenn: I am not.

I’m mostly a podcast girl at this point. Are you? I am not, yes. I try to stay Glue. 

Paul Neal: Podcast. Do you have a favorite podcast? 

Olivia Laurenn: Actually keeping current matters. I stay on there quite a [00:23:00] bit just to keep current. So when I’m not doing that at Shine Girl or my church or, or real estate, those are kind of my, my life.

Paul Neal: Yeah. So I was gonna say, what do you do for fun? Is that your, is that your world of fun? The shine girl of the 

Olivia Laurenn: church. And people ask me that and I’m always dumbfounded when they do. My life is just incredibly awesome. You know, the things that I do, I’m passionate about fill my life. I mean do I occasionally like go to the beach?

Walk down to the beach? I live close to the beach. Yes, of course I do. I go to the boardwalk. I do this kind of things, but my passion is helping people. And being a part of making a difference in their lives on so many different levels. And I’ve, I’ve been blessed to, to have a heart for people and be very outgoing.

And obviously from our interview I have a lot of energy . So I try to, to extend that in ways that I, at the end of the day, I can say, I did well today. I made a difference in this person’s life or in, in those people’s lives. And it makes a difference in my life when I can do [00:24:00] that. 

Paul Neal: Well, if you can, if you can live well today and live well tomorrow, you string enough of those together.

You’ve lived a good month. Right. And absolutely. Of those a good year and Absolutely. And then you’ll have to worry about regret and all that and the end of the day, cuz no matter how successful you are, and you know, it seems like that’s, that’s your definition of success. It’s not. It’s not the money, the material things.

Yeah, sure. You make a lot of money and you’ve done really well there, but at some point it’s deeper than that. 

Olivia Laurenn: It is deeper than that, but I’ll be, I’ll be first to say I’m a fancy pants, so I do like the rewards of it, but, but again, you know, the, the, the more successful I am, I think you kind of touched on it, It gives the more ability it gives me to give back to my community, which I so love Hampton Roads.

I’ve made it my home since 2006, and there’s so many areas of need out there. I am just so I’m tickled pink, to be honest, to be able to be, you know, a top [00:25:00] producing realtor doing something I love and shine girl, and giving back to the community, What more could a girl ask for? So it’s, it’s awesome. Wow.


Paul Neal: have a great life. Wow. Well, it’s hard, it’s hard to follow that up. That’s, that’s awesome. And it seems like you are, you gave us the answer here in, in a few minutes on why you’re, The top nationwide listing agent, sales agent 2020 and all the other awards. I mean, you are, you live it, you breathe it, you consume it, but you love it and you have a heart for it.

It’s not, it’s not transactional. It’s about the people. And it’s clear. I can see that. Well, Olivia it’s hard to believe we’re coming up on 30 minutes here. Oh, my tell didn’t it though? Yeah. Yeah. You have a lot. You have a lot to give. , what how can, how can our listeners get up with you? What are the best ways to contact you if they have some kind of a need in real?

Olivia Laurenn: I thank you for asking. Once again, my name is Olivia Lore. My team is 7 57 homes. I am with Atlantic Sotheby’s International [00:26:00] Realty. I’m located in the Virginia Beach office. You can reach me by calling, texting is usually best but my mobile phone number and my lifeline , so you have me fully connected, is area code 7 5 7 4 5 2 0 3 9 7.


Paul Neal: thank you. Okay, wonderful. Do you have a website or a social media? Thing. 

Olivia Laurenn: I’m actually, I’m glad you missed that too. I’m all over social media, . I’m on Facebook, I’m on Twitter. Facebook is really where I can do most of myself. I do some Instagram. It’s just hard for me to be on top of all of the platforms, checking texts and emails when my clients are my priorities.

So I may not respond really quickly to those areas again, because my priority. Clients. So texting an email is the best. My email is olivia.my last name@atlanticsir.com. 

Paul Neal: Great. And [00:27:00] we’ll get that in the show notes. Excellent, thank you. We’ll get in the show notes and we’ll get the social media stuff in there for you as well so it’s in there and people be to just click on it when they see this.

So, yeah. I would love the Olivia. 

Olivia Laurenn: Yep. I was just gonna say, I would love the opportunity, say something. Yes, sir. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt you. That was rude. I, I am, I would love the opportunity to serve your needs. I know you may be a first time home buyer. You may be a seller thinking about selling, but not really sure what what direction to go in.

And you may have some questions. Again, I, I love building relationships with people regardless if it’s now or if it’s in the future. And I’ll be sure and give you the information that you need so you and your family can make a wise decision. So I would love that opportunity. And remember, any buyer or seller that does close a home with me I’m honored, privileged, and blessed to be able to donate 1% of my own personal commissions, not yours, back into Shine Girls.

So you’ll be able to make a difference as well be a part of something. Big and, and [00:28:00] amazing for Hampton Road. So thank you so much again Paul for this opportunity. This has been awesome. I started out being really nervous and it kind, it got better. So thank you for making it easy breezy. 

Paul Neal: Oh, it’s been my pleasure.

It’s been great. Thanks for coming on and we, we’ll have to do this again sometime in the future. 

Olivia Laurenn: Absolutely. I’d love the opportunity. Thanks Paul.